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Same Username for Different Salons & Organizers
Today: Tuesday 23 Jul 2024

Welcome to Salon.Photo!

Salon.Photo is a platform for photo salons.
There are several organizers that use this platform for their salons. So we are not the organizer, but we provide a platform including the website for different organizers. If you need a website to organize your salon and a judging system, you may contact us.
If you have participated before in any other salon(s) that use this platform, you may use the same username to participate in the next salons.
List of salons using this platform.

In short: in each salon that you see below logo, you may enter with your Salon.Photo username.
Signing up to have a Salon.Photo Username is free.

If you lose your old salon report card, you may enter with the same username to www.Salon.photo, then go to “My Result”, then select the salon from the dropdown menu. There you may see your result. If you need a report card, you may click on the below button (Send the result of this salon to my email) and the report card will be emailed to you.
To recover your Username go to Forgot username?
To recover your Password go to Forgot password?

List of Active salons that you may enter.